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Çevirinizin kontrolünü yaptık ve belirtmeliyiz ki çok etkilendik! İlk çeviride bile harika bir iş çıkartmışsınız, bizden birisi çevirmiş gibi hissettim, çok teşekkürler. Son bir bakmamıza bile gerek yok, direkt basıma geçebiliriz. Bundan sonraki işlerimizde de sizinle çalışmayı çok isterim.

Our Policies

With its expert team of 15 years, success in organization and coordination, conscientious choice of meticulous translators, free editing and redaction services after translation, and constant customer contact during office hours, Dijital Tercüme offers high-quality translation services. Our translators have expertise not only in languages, but also in the related translation field, and they have background information regarding the terms, culture, and branches of the topic of the translation project. Our company works with professional translators, whose main job is translation and who take their work very seriously.

Our Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives:
  • To work with educated, well-equipped, modern translators with a strong technological background in order to represent our country well on the international arena.
  • To represent in the best possible way the corporate identities of entrepreneurs in our country, focusing on the foreign trade and import-export industries, and to provide them the optimum benefits with the help of our marketing training.
  • To provide high-quality service backed by our certificates of incorporation, notary reports, certificates of language proficiency, notary sworn translation licenses, certificates of achievement and notary seals, and keep our promise of “Perfect Communication” to all our customers around the world.
  • To make a difference in the sector thanks to our dynamic structure which combines young and inexperienced translators' practicality, their aptitude to technology, and involvement in the culture with expert translators’ years of experience, terminological proficiency and strong philological background.
  • To be the leading company in translation quality by providing training opportunities and support to translators, and create a permanent, high-functioning working system.