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Dijital Tercüme'nin sağlamış olduğu çeviri hizmeti gerek zaman, gerekse kalite açısından beklentilerimizi tamamı ile karşılamaktadır. Ayrıca firma sıkışık teslim zamanlarına ve acil gelişen konulardaki değişken taleplerimize çok hızlı olarak uyum sağlayabilmekte, bu koşullara rağmen teslim zamanlarına sadık kalabilmektedir. Farklı konularda (eğitim, teknik doküman, kampanya metinleri vb.) yeterli teknik bilgiye sahiptir. Firmanın hizmet hızı doküman ayrıntı ve yoğunluğumuza rağmen beklentimizi karşılamıştır.


We were chosen as the “expert translation office” in the fields of translation and localization by Google Turkey. In this process, we received thorough training before being certified. You will experience the privilege of working with a “Google Authorized Translation Office” in all of your translation projects.

Social Responsibility

About Dijital Tercüme's Social Responsibility Awareness

Social responsibility awareness and projects are one of the core values we hold as a company. We believe that this awareness is not just a principle that belongs to specific people or companies, but a code for the good of the whole society. We believe that when companies as well as people have this awareness, then we can make the world a better place.

Our Principles:
  1. Dijital Tercüme is a public benefactor.
  2. Dijital Tercüme considers itself responsible and authorized on social subjects and in propagating environmental awareness. 
  3. Dijital Tercüme notices those in need or those that would benefit from its activities, and strives to meet their needs.  
  4. Dijital Tercüme acts in line with the "positive change" principle of  the Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) who keeps the social and environmental records of corporations.   
  5. We agree with the mission of the international Responsible Business Investments institution which determines companies that act with compassion, honesty and social vision.
Chapter 1- Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
  • We use recyclable paper, office supplies and materials
  • We are working to reduce our carbon footprint to zero
  • We plant five times as many trees as the paper used in printing translation documents 
  • We plant a tree for every customer instead of sending a congratulations card 

Chapter 2- Supporting Academic Studies

Chapter 3- Employment and Education

Chapter 4- Supporting Future Generations

Chapter 5- Projects to Improve Our Productivity

Chapter 6- Individual Support