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Hygiene Products Translation

Cleaning and disinfection have become major necessities in our lives due to the global pandemic. As a result, the industry of hygiene products developed rapidly, placing itself at the top of the import and export rankings. While hygiene in schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and corporate workplaces constituted a major part of the industry before, personal hygiene, industrial skin protection, and cleaning products are now part of the industry, with sales of face masks, disinfection products, and “pevalin” increasing in the cosmetics group. Many cosmetics/dermo-cosmetics companies integrated hygiene products into their product range in order to meet the growing demand.

As a result of our country’s advantages in logistics, its industrial infrastructure, and rapid adaptation to the process, companies which produce these products have increased in number. For example, cosmetic companies manufacturing in similar areas started to produce hygiene products. The intense production began satisfying the demand abroad, as well as the domestic market. This has made multilingual translation solutions essential.

The challenging nature of translations in the field of hygiene is due to the variety of texts, which result in a need for information related to different areas of expertise. For instance, while the usage of machines related to industrial cleaning requires technical terminology, content, MSDS/GBF, and label translations require a comprehensive knowledge of hygiene chemicals. It is essential to keep the relevant formal rules of the corporate translation services (logistics, customs, law, etc.), as well as the legislation information of medical and cosmetic products up to date.

Thanks to our 18 years of experience in the industry, we reflect the corporate style preferred by the cosmetics/dermo-cosmetics companies which started the production of hygiene products, while considering their corporate identities.

With our experience in both academic and corporate solutions in the field of hygiene translations, cooperation with several prominent companies and corporate groups, multilingual terminology lists created in accordance with the related areas of expertise, and our understanding of translation technologies, we are here to support your hygiene projects without sacrificing quality.