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5. Boyut Stüdyoları
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Muratbey Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

Corporate Publication Translation

Your corporate magazine defines your company's prestige!

Companies who plan to establish communication and loyalty with their employees while enhancing overall engagement, to bring their sharing nature to the fore in the industry, and to accurately portray their identity to their readers/customers/target audiences stand out with their printed and digital magazines.

These magazines are alike in that they adopt a common language and style within the company, bear features of the corporate culture, and contain not only informative news articles but also opinion pieces conveying assessments, comments and views, are periodically published, and undoubtedly require great effort to put together. Companies who target wider audiences, guide the industry, and aim to gain recognition in the international arena publish their magazines in multiple languages.

In this respect, collaborating with an experienced team of translators who accurately understand your aim and are capable of effectively reflecting your identity is of strategic importance.

As a translation company that has been providing services in this field for the past 18 years, we feel that the following points need to be considered in corporate magazine translations:

  1. Time and risk management planned in accordance with deadlines
  2. Providing editing and proofreading services alongside translation services
  3. Remaining up-to-date with current punctuation and grammar rules
  4. Possessing knowledge of authentic content and visual identity
  5. Holding experience in aspects of localization and cultural sensitivities
  6. Having a good grasp of idioms, metaphorical expressions and terminology
  7. Compliance with publication guidelines
  8. Multilingual service options under a single umbrella
  9. The creation of style guidelines and glossaries unique to each company
  10. Proof of quality by virtue of international translation certifications

For this reason, it is of utmost importance that your corporate magazines, which foster motivation within the company, prestige in the industry, and a sense of belonging alongside a reputable image among the target audience, are authentically conveyed to the target culture without losing the colors and language exclusive to your company.