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Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş.
Nfinity Games Bilişim A.Ş.

Video Game Translation

With the rapid advance of technology and the internet, games have become extremely life-like which in turn has created a bigger role for advertising in games and the gaming market. Gaming companies are entering other countries' markets to lure in new gamers. However, these companies need translation and localization services to survive in these markets. As a Google Authorized Translation and Localization office this is where we step in. For 15 years, gaming companies have chosen to work with us because we make sure that:

* The translations of computer, mobile and console games are done with the correct terminology

* The appropriate software is used

* The translation is checked by our expert editor who has experience in the gaming sector to prevent the game from being released to the market before being tested

* Mobile games translations are done in a way that the codes include the letters of the Turkish alphabet

* The target text fits within the area where the source text was originally placed

* We can also provide all content that needs translating (the website of the game, the CD/DVD case, user manuals/how to guides, in-game tutorials and the game itself) in our special corporate package.

We provide video game translations in 3 areas:

* Computer Games

* Mobile Games

* Console Games