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Dijital Tercüme'nin sağlamış olduğu çeviri hizmeti gerek zaman, gerekse kalite açısından beklentilerimizi tamamı ile karşılamaktadır. Ayrıca firma sıkışık teslim zamanlarına ve acil gelişen konulardaki değişken taleplerimize çok hızlı olarak uyum sağlayabilmekte, bu koşullara rağmen teslim zamanlarına sadık kalabilmektedir. Farklı konularda (eğitim, teknik doküman, kampanya metinleri vb.) yeterli teknik bilgiye sahiptir. Firmanın hizmet hızı doküman ayrıntı ve yoğunluğumuza rağmen beklentimizi karşılamıştır.

No Mistakes!

Dijital Tercüme has minimized the time needed during the translation process and the margin of error thanks to its certified translation process made up of 16 steps, 6 of which involve editing and revision. In compliance with our International Translation Service and Quality Management Certificates, TS EN 15038 and ISO 9001, all of your translations are revised, edited, and proofread in terms of terminology and spelling after they are delivered by the translators.

Our Mission

Our job is to ensure “Impeccable Translations” for our customers all around the world. We are aware that this can only be achieved through quality. The highest level of quality requires a meticulous, elaborate, and deliberate working process as well as accurate, fast, and reliable service. We are proud of standing on the highest step in the translation industry with our EN 15038 International Certificate of Quality in Translation and Translation Services, registration certificates, certificates of oath, proficiency certificates in different languages, certified translation licenses, certificates of achievement, certification stamps, and an approved translation process.

Dijital Tercüme abides by the corporate principles of companies, on which the Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) has placed a “Positive Emphasis,” and acts accordingly. For this reason, we, as Dijital Tercüme, operate with our contemporary staff, up-to-date equipment, technological background and sturdy infrastructure based on an advanced technical foundation to give a voice to and represent our country on the international arena.

We are the first company to revise its working system according to the National Occupational Standards and Competences for Translators, which became effective in Europe in 2013, as well as the first to prepare a “Workbook” accordingly. As for translation quality, Dijital Tercüme has always been a leading agency with its training opportunities and the support it provides for translators.