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We always want the best and highest-quality service from a translation company. After seeing all the services you offered, we have decided to continue working with you. Thank you. 

Corporate Quality

Dijital Tercüme is a translation office, which has EN 15038:2006, ISO EN 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001 and TS EN ISO 10002:2014 certificates. It is managed according to the certifications of National Professional Standards and Efficiency with the reference code MYK 12UMS0274-6 and MTC 112.


Offering services with the biggest expert staff of translators in Turkey since 2002, Notary Approved Dijital Tercüme Ltd. Şti. is a holder of the EN 15038 (International Translation Service and Quality Management Certificate), and was chosen as a Google Authorized Translation & Localization Office in translation and localization. Dijital Tercüme is managed according to the certificates of the National Professional Standards and Efficiency with the reference code MYK 12UMS0274-6; ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System; ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services – Requirements for Translation Services); TC 37 Terminology and other language and content resources and OHSAS certifications. Our mission is to combine traditional translation ethics (responsible, timely, meticulous) of our staff consisting of educated translators, with the opportunities of translation technologies (controlled, mistake-free, fast, using a common language). We aim to carry this mission into the future as a leader in the sector, always stay up-to-date and solution-oriented, and raise quality standards.

In legal, technical, medical, commercial, literary, academic, patent and presentation translations, we play the leading role in meeting the translation needs of more than 500 national and international companies and official organizations in 45 languages. Apart from written and oral translation, we also provide proofreading, preparing for academic publishing, terminology check, localization, globalization and redaction services.

Dijital Tercüme is a corporate, a socially and environmentally aware company which operates in this direction actively as well as striving for sustainability. It works to reduce its carbon footprint, and therefore is carrying out the Dijital Memorial Forest project.

Dijital Tercüme is a part of the “Trustworthy Business Investments” team that determines which companies are high-quality, honest partners that take action with a social vision.

Dijital Tercüme is an official member of the Çeviri İşletmeleri Derneği (Association of Translation Companies in Turkey), Çev-Der (Translation & Interpreting Association of Turkey), and FIT.

It works voluntarily to raise the visibility and quality of the sector by projects such as Çeviri Blog (Translation Blog), Çeviri Yarışması (Translation Contest), Çeviri Kitabı (Book of Translation) and the Dijital Academy.