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     Transcreation is a term used by those working in the field of advertising and marketing; a term which signifies the whole adaptation process of a message from one language to another, providing that its content, style, tone and context is preserved. A successfully transcreated text evokes the same feelings in the target culture as it did in the source culture, while conveying the exact same meaning. This translation style is being used more widely in global marketing and advertising campaigns to overcome language and cultural barriers. This procedure also takes into consideration whether the images used in a productive message are appropriate for the target market.
     Transcreation is a service essential for successful campaigning as well as being indispensable for the marketing and advertising techniques used by internationally-operating companies when they want to enter foreign markets.  The literal, word-for-word, translations of advertising texts have from time to time created major problems in foreign markets and have had negative effects on brand value. Transcreation is a translation technique that has been developed to eliminate these problems. In these kinds of translations, besides rendering the message itself, conveying the culture, traditions, idioms, humor and context must also be taken into consideration. Any mistake that could be seen as disrespectful to the culture, local values or beliefs will create a negative effect on consumers. In order to overcome these challenges, companies are working with institutions specialized in the field of transcreation.
     It is expected that the translator’s native language is the language of the target audience it is catering for. To do an effective transcreation, the translator must have extensive knowledge on the [target] market, have outstanding language skills and be able to effectively adapt/convey the given message to the target market.
     Transcreation has been created to overcome risks and problems in intercultural marketing.

     We can list these obstacles as follows:

  • Cultural differences: Cultural obstacles can hinder communication. Mistakes made in this area can cause irrecoverable damage to the brand.  
  • Word choice: Basic mistakes such as using words that have different meanings in different languages can create problems
  • Word plays, idioms and slogans: As every translator knows, translating word plays and idiomatic expressions from one language into another are considerably difficult. The same situation is also true for slogans that the public is familiar with and slogans that have lost their real meaning. As seen in these examples, the translator must change and adapt the text so that it creates the same effect on the target culture.