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Süleyman Bademler
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Generica İlaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Generica İlaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Academic Reading

The Academic Reading service includes the translation of documents to be published in international journals; documents to be submitted to government agencies; documents containing multiple academic terms; documents which are not open to interpretation and must reflect the accurate meaning without leaving any room for assumption; documents, the official formats of which are stipulated by law; or the control, revision and correction of your translated academic articles, academic letters and academic papers in terms of format, grammar, terminology, expression and spelling. With our academic reading service, our experienced staff checks the documents written by academics in terms of context, grammar, and terminology. Then they spellcheck the whole document in accordance with international writing rules before it is submitted for publishing. With this process, preferred by many academicians before submitting their dissertations, the articles are first rid of grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as anomalous format. What is required under the scope of redaction in any and all academic fields includes the translation of research, thesis, doctoral thessis, projects or documents of special interest that are requested from students and faculty members in high schools and universities (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degree etc.).

Academic reading can never be described as editing by merely “skimming over” the document. It is a very important process and has to be performed with the same attention and care that the translation process requires. For this reason, Dijital Tercüme works in cooperation with our sub-group and affiliate company, “Expert Reading”, which specializes in the field of academic reading. We, as Dijital Tercüme, have references from 250+ academics and 150+ organizations, and we follow a special procedure and utilize technical equipment for academic reading, which is one of the key points behind our success. We provide our customers with the following services:

  • Academic reading service within the field of social sciences/humanities,
  • Academic reading service within the field of technical/engineering,
  • Academic reading service within the field of medicine/medical sciences,
  • Academic reading service within the field of Business-Finance-Personal/Corporate Introduction,
  • Academic reading service within the field of literature.