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We were chosen as the “expert translation office” in the fields of translation and localization by Google Turkey. In this process, we received thorough training before being certified. You will experience the privilege of working with a “Google Authorized Translation Office” in all of your translation projects.


They provide economical pricing, fast delivery, appropriate terminology and high-quality translations just as we would expect from a translation company. Their most advantageous service is the free courier. 
We always want the best and highest-quality service from a translation company. After seeing all the services you offered, we have decided to continue working with you. Thank you. 
We have worked with Dijital Tercüme in the English-Turkish and German-Turkish language pairs for 7 years. All of our documents are technical and we are pleased that we were assigned a special translator just for our company. Thank you once again. 
Thanks for the attentive script translation and meticulous localization performance
Müşteri görüşleri her sayfa yenilenmesinde rastlantısal olarak seçilmektedir.