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Periodical Translation

In case you want to add more material or update the project that we have translated, we guarantee that the same translator will be in charge of the project making sure that the translation remains consistent in terms of language and terminology. This is charged as an additional translation. In addition, we offer periodical translations for daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers or journals, invention and patent translations, prescriptions and medical translations, company report translations, trade registry gazettes and notarized document translations, all of which require a consistent language.


Dijital Tercüme is a customer-oriented company, seeing individuals and corporations as its business partners instead of just customers. While working together, we were very impressed by their sensitivity on meeting our demands. 

We always want the best and highest-quality service from a translation company. After seeing all the services you offered, we have decided to continue working with you. Thank you. 
Satın aldığımız hizmet kalite, fiyat, zamanında teslimat açısından beklentilerimizi tam olarak karşılıyor!
We have worked with Dijital Tercüme in the English-Turkish and German-Turkish language pairs for 7 years. All of our documents are technical and we are pleased that we were assigned a special translator just for our company. Thank you once again. 
Almış olduğumuz hizmetlerden oldukça memnunuz. Çeviriler tam zamanında, eksiksiz ve çok düzenli bir şekilde tarafımıza iletiliyor. Her zaman bu şekilde çalışmak istiyoruz kendileriyle.
Müşteri görüşleri her sayfa yenilenmesinde rastlantısal olarak seçilmektedir.