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No Mistakes!

Dijital Tercüme has minimized the time needed during the translation process and the margin of error thanks to its certified translation process made up of 16 steps, 6 of which involve editing and revision. In compliance with our International Translation Service and Quality Management Certificates, TS EN 15038 and ISO 9001, all of your translations are revised, edited, and proofread in terms of terminology and spelling after they are delivered by the translators.


Güzel çevirileriniz için teşekkür ederiz, bundan sonraki işlerimizde de birlikte çalışmayı dileriz.
Noter tasdikli ve medikal çevirilerimizdeki titizliğiniz için teşekkür ederiz.
We always want the best and highest-quality service from a translation company. After seeing all the services you offered, we have decided to continue working with you. Thank you. 

Dijital Tercüme is a customer-oriented company, seeing individuals and corporations as its business partners instead of just customers. While working together, we were very impressed by their sensitivity on meeting our demands. 

We have worked with Dijital Tercüme in the English-Turkish and German-Turkish language pairs for 7 years. All of our documents are technical and we are pleased that we were assigned a special translator just for our company. Thank you once again. 
Müşteri görüşleri her sayfa yenilenmesinde rastlantısal olarak seçilmektedir.