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Çevirinizin kontrolünü yaptık ve belirtmeliyiz ki çok etkilendik! İlk çeviride bile harika bir iş çıkartmışsınız, bizden birisi çevirmiş gibi hissettim, çok teşekkürler. Son bir bakmamıza bile gerek yok, direkt basıma geçebiliriz. Bundan sonraki işlerimizde de sizinle çalışmayı çok isterim.

Periodical Translation

In case you want to add more material or update the project that we have translated, we guarantee that the same translator will be in charge of the project making sure that the translation remains consistent in terms of language and terminology. This is charged as an additional translation. In addition, we offer periodical translations for daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers or journals, invention and patent translations, prescriptions and medical translations, company report translations, trade registry gazettes and notarized document translations, all of which require a consistent language.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality principles:
  • To become the premier translation and interpreting company for Turkish firms by representing their corporate identities on the international market, supporting their operations with expert consultants and providing the optimum benefits to them through our marketing training.
  • To be the most preferred company in expert fields such as commercial, legal, technical, literary, academic, advertisement and other general translation branches requiring translation from any language into Turkish.
  • To achieve a higher level of expertise and become competent in languages spoken by 98.7% of the world while increasing the number of languages we can translate to 60.
  • To increase the number of free training courses and translation workshops provided to Translation and Interpreting students in order to increase quality in the translation sector and change the translation market by reaching more people.
  • To continue our support for social responsibility projects, generate more interest regarding this matter and reach more people with our pioneering projects supported by our customers.