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Güzel çevirileriniz için teşekkür ederiz, bundan sonraki işlerimizde de birlikte çalışmayı dileriz.

Dedicated To Your Company

You may choose from our translators whom you have previously worked with to assign the desired translation projects to them. If it’s your first translation project with us, we either offer you the opportunity to choose the translator based on the information we provide about our translators working in the related language pair, or we will assign the translator that we think is best suited to your project. Thanks to the custom terminology given to our project translators, all of your future translations will be consistent in terms of language use and content, and your projects will be the top priority of the selected translators.

Our Team

As required by our company policy, our administrative team, all Translation and Interpreting or Translation Studies graduates, work in compliance with national and international translation standards, Dijital Tercüme Quality Assurance Directives and Translation Style Guide.

Our Project Management process is based upon ISO 17100, EN 15038, UN Translator Standards and Vocational Qualifications Authority NOS-6 in Translation.

  • Senem KOBYA
    Chief Executive Officer

Senem Kobya was born in 1981 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Department of Economics (in English) at Istanbul University. In 1999, she began her career as a translator at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center and later worked at companies such as Shell, Adel, Volkswagen and Faber Castell. She holds many certificates including a Sprachdiplom, an English Proficiency and Achievement Certificate from Istanbul University, an Introduction to Project Management Certificate from the University of Adelaide, a Google Adwords Certificate and an Online Marketing Certificate from the Google Digital Academy. She is Translation Sector’s Representative at Beykent University.

Kobya is also the founder of projects such as Çeviri Blog (Translation Blog), which is a mutual platform for translators and the translation sector, Çeviri Yarışması (Translation Competition), Çeviri Kitabı (Book of Translation), Çevirmenler Sahada (Translators on the Field), Genç Çevirmenler İçin Yol Rehberi (A Guide for Young Translators), and Çevirmenler Harikalar Diyarında (Translators in Wonderland).
  • Akın Cem TOKGÖZ
    Project Manager
  • Burçak ÖZDEMİR
    Project Manager
  • Cihat ÇAMYAR
    Project Manager
    Project Manager
  • İlayda CANDAN
    Project Manager
  • Nazay Nazlıcan ÇAKICI
    Project Manager
  • Eren YAVUZ
    Dijital Medya Sorumlusu