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İstanbul Turizm Denizcilik Tic. ve San. A.Ş.
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Maritime Translations

 Leading maritime companies choose to work with us because:
  1. We use internationally-recognized maritime terminology recorded on our database
  2. As the maritime language is full of acronyms and abbreviations, we make sure that the terms we use are recognized internationally and give them in full
  3.  We have 15 years of experience in customs and seaport procedures
  4.  Our quality is attested with the ISO 9001, EN 15038, ISO 17100 and OHSAS 18001 quality certifications
  5. We do notary certified maritime translations
  6. We use terminologies specifically prepared for your company to provide consistent, high-quality translations
  7. When necessary, the translations are re-reviewed by our editor, who has studied Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, in respect of marine  terminology
  8. We provide translations in 50+ languages

We translate:
  • Maritime Laws
  • Freight notes
  • Customs certificates
  • Maritime Agreements
  • All  documents such as newspapers, magazines, books, booklets, brochures, e-newspapers, news websites, promotion magazines that have informative content
  • Official documents such as customs documents, registrations and licenses, manuals regarding maritime, technical specifications, technical charts and booklets about maritime, machines, technical documents on electrical systems, weight lists, analysis reports and  analysis certificates
  • ATA carnets, ATR documents, CE documents, distribution and sales documents, invoices, expertise reports, inspection certificates, customs declarations, ISO certificates, table of content documents, export declarations, package lists, certificates of quality, consignment documents, package documents and lists, manifests, certificates of incorporation, and TÜV certificates